Kids’ Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Room

If you’re a kid or teen reading this, thanks for studying the art of cleaning your room! Knowing how to clean your room the right way will save you time and leave you with a room you’re happy to spend time in. Plus, as you know, it’s easier to focus on your homework if you have a clean space. You can do this. Just follow these steps, and you’ll have the clean room you need, fast:

  • Put away your clothes: Are there clothes thrown around the room? Hang up the ones you can wear again, and put the dirty ones in the hallway or laundry basket/hamper, so you can take them to the laundry room when you’re done cleaning.

  • Make your bed: If your sheets haven’t been washed in a week or two, take them to the laundry room with your dirty clothes. Once your bed is made, you can use it for organizing your stuff. For example, you can group together all your books or school supplies on the bed so you can put them all away at once.

  • Take care of the clutter: Toys, books, dirty dishes, video game controllers … Put everything where it belongs. If you’re not sure where something goes, make a new permanent spot for it.

  • Put dirty toys in a neat pile so you can clean them later: Toys will never get cleaned if you just keep putting them back where they go, right? Follow the steps in the “How to Clean Toys” section below to get shiny, fresh toys!

  • Clean your dresser, desk and any other surface: Put some warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a bucket. Dip a clean cloth in the bucket, and wipe down all the hard surfaces. Or you can use some pre-moistened wipes. Don’t forget to clean your doorknobs, window sills, bookshelves, computer and other surfaces that collect dust. Dry everything with a towel when you’re done.

  • Clean any glass: Use glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towels to clean your bedroom mirror and windows. Newspapers or coffee filters also work great as cloths for clean, streak-free windows and mirrors!

  • Vacuum the furniture: Are there crumbs in your chair or on your bedspread? Vacuum them off with a brush attachment. Try to do this about once a month.

  • Clean the floor: Save the floor for last because it can get dirty when you’re moving everything around. First, make sure you pick up any coins or other small things that could accidentally get vacuumed or swept up. If you have carpet, vacuum the entire floor, including under the bed. If you have hardwood floor, vinyl or something else, sweep the entire room with a broom and dustpan. After that, use a mop (or just a towel dipped in your cleaning bucket) to clean the stuck-on dirt.

Now that your room’s clean, you can kick back and relax! Try to clean up a little bit every day. You’ll have less work to do when it’s time to really clean. Things you can do every day are putting away clutter, wiping down your dresser and desk, and hanging up your clothes.

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