How to remove grape juice stains?

If the stain is on washable fabric, follow this procedure:

-Flush the area with cold water from the opposite (unstained) side. Higher water pressure is better! -Blot with a clean rag and dish soap solution (1 tbsp. dish soap + 10oz water) -Blot with diluted ammonia (1 cup ammonia + 1 cup water) -Let sit for about fifteen minutes -Flush with hot water from the opposite side. -Launder with hot water

Removing Grape Juice Stain From Carpet or Upholstery.

Removing a grape juice stain from carpet or upholstery is a bit more challenging, so you need to blot out as much of the juice as possible. Always blot from the center out to avoid spreading the stain.

You can try applying any of the following mixtures with a clean cloth or sponge:

½ cup rubbing alcohol + 2 tbsp. distilled white vinegar Oxygen-based bleach + water according to package instructions (NOTE: do not do this on wool carpet or rug) 1 tbsp. ammonia + 2 cups warm water Lemon juice Club soda Once the stain is gone, let everything dry. Follow up with a vacuum cleaner on carpet.

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